words you cannot comprehend

moriba sababu
last night i called out to your son...
told him to walk with me...
where the air is sweet
and the night not warmed by the festivity of despair
but is cooled by the tranquility of harmony
and death of the spirit
does not linger
but you...
you became angry...
you became belligerent...
your son needed words of encouragement
words of purpose
words that offered growth
yet you...
you bathed him in words of negativity
words of condemnation
savage... brutal words
that boiled the blood within his veins
killed the cells within his brain
so i called out to your son
with a will to replant seeds of hope
last night your son...
your son...
your son...
needed... a father
Β© Ralph Boothe
November 2nd. 2013

Published by moribascorner

Within the central heart of my writing... like the rainbow... I engender to reflect the multiple colours of man's nature... from the subtle inconsequential bland... through to a harsh biting grip, that can near tear at the soul of the eyes... yet when taken as a whole... can deliver I trust... the enigmatic elements of the rainbow... that seeks to soothe... and comfort... yet still find the illusive time... to tickle the funnybone...

28 thoughts on “words you cannot comprehend

    1. This is a reality… for we feed of the impressions of others, whether we know it, or not… and these impressions can leave us with indigestion of the psychic throughout our lives…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not exactly sure… but assume you mean what’s broken cannot be fixed as pristine as it was before… and I agree… but in this case, “Humpty Dumpty” had not fallen of the wall… he was somewhat… tottering…

      We no nothing more about Humpty Dumpty, except for the tinkering of the horse’s, and men of the king…

      It will take time to determine how damaged, if at all, the young man is… whether he dwells in reality, or in a nursery rhyme…


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