untitled 4

bymoriba sababu come with me to neverlandwhere the rainbow never diesand thoughts ofunbornchildrenwait for soulsto find themagic…oflovecome with me to neverlandso we may resume our quest…forwewho crave the meaning oftomorrowmust walktodayamongst misty mountainsthat feel only the weight ofbutterflywingscome with me my love to neverlandand dream dreamsthat are crystal clear likespringrain…but let us notIbeg theedream incolor…forContinue reading “untitled 4”

Curving into one

bymoriba sababu we touched… you… me…it was but a fleeting toucha mere agonizing whisper of intentyour hand… brushed so… so… softly ‘gainst minebut it caused the world to stand stilland as lightning flashed in mine eyesI heard the unmistakable soundof rolling thunder in your heartwhile all life waited for a signbut… hmmm… we parted…the warmthContinue reading “Curving into one”

Eyes wide shut…

— Inspired by the poem My Insane love… written by YAM and found in her blog: I Hear You — bymoriba sababu Insane love indeed…for love is a neverending ocean…with warm inviting waves…swimming such watersgives one a momentary glimpse…ahh yes… an almost mirrored image…of the blissfulness… of paradise…yet one must not lose oneself while therefrolickingContinue reading “Eyes wide shut…”


— Dawn Michelle Michals’ blog pulled me in again when she spoke of ‘versions of the Bible’ in a piece called: Comparisons – How they help me to learn God’s Word. I commented… but… well… sometimes three words are not enough… so I have composed a dozen words here instead. — bymoriba sababu 1)When oneContinue reading “VERSIONS CAN DILUTE THE FLAVOR OF THE ORIGINAL”

the holocaust — remembered…

bymoriba sababu 1.Taken from their homesbranded with the Star of Davidherded into box cars like cattleburnt in a furnace like garbagefor in the eyes of the Godless — they were nothing… where had i heard this before… haa… yes…Taken from their homesbranded with red hot ironspacked into ships like sardinessome whipped some lynchedsome pursued byContinue reading “the holocaust — remembered…”

words you cannot comprehend

bymoriba sababu last night i called out to your son…told him to walk with me…where the air is sweetand the night not warmed by the festivity of despairbut is cooled by the tranquility of harmonyand death of the spiritdoes not lingerbut you…you became angry…you became belligerent…your son needed words of encouragementwords of purposewords that offeredContinue reading “words you cannot comprehend”

An analysis– Death, and Life: Why do my words matter?

— Our sister, Dawn Michelle Michals as again come up with another post that as garnered my interest: Death and Life: Why do my words matter? She drew initial inspiration for the piece from: Proverbs 18:21 KJV… then gave it additional life with a plethora of worthwhile verses — bymoriba sababu “Death and life areContinue reading “An analysis– Death, and Life: Why do my words matter?”

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