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The Passing…

bymoriba sababu A bolt of lightning struck the old oak tree, causing an agonizing scream to enter his throat, but the sound was extinguished before it left his mouth. For what had seemed an eternity, he had seen the burning ember plummeting down upon him, and knew without a doubt, that for him… life wasContinue reading “The Passing…”

untitled 4

bymoriba sababu come with me to neverlandwhere the rainbow never diesand thoughts ofunbornchildrenwait for soulsto find themagic…oflovecome with me to neverlandso we may resume our quest…forwewho crave the meaning oftomorrowmust walktodayamongst misty mountainsthat feel only the weight ofbutterflywingscome with me my love to neverlandand dream dreamsthat are crystal clear likespringrain…but let us notIbeg theedream incolor…forContinue reading “untitled 4”

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