bymoriba sababu                               *** –– for Kafele… my son, who remained at Maxwell International Baha’i School, after his sister, ‘the crow,’ graduated, and left, to serve in Cameroon, Africa; with the ardent wish, that he will emulate ‘the crow’ in his own unique way. –– whìspering catpaw… my son…/for many windless nights… and blindingContinue reading “GROWTH”


bymoriba sababu There was a time, when the hollow voices of nay-sayers proclaimed aloud… WOMEN… would NEVER… EVER… get the vote… TODAY… more WOMEN vote than men… There was a time, when nay-sayers said with acute racial spite… BLACKS… were less than HUMAN… ‘REMEMBER THAT ONE DROP RULE?’ A rule fashioned to degrade… belittle… EVENContinue reading “HERE WE GO AGAIN… NAY-SAYERS… M.A.G.(AGAIN)”


bymoriba sababu With the unworldly characteristics of an alien astronaut, whose intrepid mind is secure in another place, she entered my store, seemingly oblivious to all, but her surroundings.   So like an inordinate spy, I kept her movements closely scrutinized in the corner of my eye, as I attended diligently to a growing line ofContinue reading “PAIN CAN BE TEARLESS”


bymariba sababu The life of one should always be geared towards entering. It should matter not to an actor in the overall grand scheme of things when one enters… for there is constant comings, and goings throughout the continuous eons of man’s existence. There are no re-runs. For the Writer… Producer… and Director… is theContinue reading “LIFE’S DILEMMA”

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