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The United Nations said___________.

Hmmm… but tell me… honestly… were you there when it was said?  Was it even said in a language that you understood?  Or was it interpreted?  Was the interpretation done by a native of the country that speaks the language, or someone outside the culture… infact, someone who learnt the language as a second, third, or even more?

So… unless you heard it yourself, would it not be more truthful to say:

I HEARD, that the United Nations SAID____________?   or even, The United Nations is said to have SAID____________?

Well… if it was not an interpreter, from whom then did you hear it?  Did such a one hear it first hand… second hand… or from many hands…?  And what did such a one bring of themselves… all mingled up with what the United Nations is said to have said?

Most of us receive the news from a source called… THE NEWS…! be it radio… tv… newspaper… or internet, (which we more often than not, euphemistically call… Social Media).  Or I dear say, even a lively smorgasbord of information, contained from all the above, or some of them… invariably mixed in with what is being said by those persons around us.

The truth is not easy to get to, and most times, it comes attached to STRINGS, while at the other end is often found… AN AGENDA!!!

Getting to the the truth, is like getting to… well… the kernel of a coconut… even though the shell inside is also called: “a coconut,” within the shell is found the kernel, which on its own is also referred to as… coconut.  So only when you get to the kernel, are the other discarded portions called by other names.

Yet I will go still further, and ask you… was the coconut given to you…? (which of the above…?), or did you have to get it for yourself?  If you got it for yourself, was it from the tree, or from the market?  If from the tree, did someone pick it for you, (a second hand), or did you have to exert the effort to pick it yourself? (first hand)

Having climbed the tree, (which is not easy), and picked the coconut, you can now choose to drop it to the ground, where it would bounce, and roll in the dirt, before you descend to retrieve it. (Such too can be the condition of the truth, if it slips away from the original source).

Having descended from the tree, you now have to hack away at the husk to get to the nut… then break the nut, and pour off the water, to get to the kernel.  Now you have to dig the kernel out of the shell, which does not want to relinquish it.

Now… finally… you hold in your hand… Walla!!! Coconut…

So tell me… what are you now going to do with it?

Getting to the truth… is not easy… it never is…  But if you do get to it…

What are you going to do with it?


The Bible said__________.

© Ralph Boothe
July 11th. 2017

Published by moribascorner

Within the central heart of my writing... like the rainbow... I engender to reflect the multiple colours of man's nature... from the subtle inconsequential bland... through to a harsh biting grip, that can near tear at the soul of the eyes... yet when taken as a whole... can deliver I trust... the enigmatic elements of the rainbow... that seeks to soothe... and comfort... yet still find the illusive time... to tickle the funnybone...

10 thoughts on “THE TRUTH…

    1. The truth is relative, and thus is considered in relation, or in proportion to something else… throughout history, mankind as held certain things to be true, until supplanted by additional information that as rendered the once truth… false… yet even this somewhat hard, and fast rule can be skewed, when one is unable… or unwilling… to move away from a lie… or a believe that as become so ingrained, that a mass of individuals are willing to flow like a collective tide down an avenue of falsehood… sometimes whole countries can be led in this way… for if one believes a liar… anything said can be considered true…

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      1. The truth is always the truth… and can never be a lie… but to understand it… to know it… one must be outside the parameters of it… and never affected by it… for those of us who believe… only One Entity fits this bill… GOD…! who is able to know the ‘entirety’ of a situation, and yet is not affected by any aspect of the situation… man on his own, is therefore left to stumble in the dark, with mere glimpses of the truth between the light, and shadows of his reality…

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      2. This is true… for none of us are cognizant of the future… all we can do… hope to do… is learn, and implement… learn from our past… and implement in our present… and not bring detrimental aspects of our past to haunt us later… while constantly skirting the new boulders, and potholes in our path, as we move ever forward into the future…

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      3. The imagery and your words are so beautiful. Learn from the past, live the present and enlighten it with the lessons learnt, and believe in a brighter future, guided by a heavenly light. truthful and liberating us if only we believe.

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