— Born out of a comment I wrote to Ann Burke’s piece: Mysterious Treasure on her blog: Recover Your Body —

moriba sababu

There are marvelous mysterious treasures all around us, but many of us fail to see them… even fail to look for them… even deny their very existence… maybe if they were wearing feathers… scraps of material… and blinking neon lights at sensitive areas they would be more easily sought-after, and discovered by all, even I dear say, looked for by once erstwhile naysayers, but then… well… I dear say, they would become just marvelous treasures… to be played with for a while…

Treasures that can last a lifetime… a generation… for the history… the herstory of humankind, must be more than just marvelous… they must be mysterious

It is the mysteriousness of the Creator that has kept Him/Her/It so enduring… throughout the journey of man upon this pearl, in the vast ocean of the Universe… and during this time, we have encountered many gods… colourful gods… with diverse names, all of them marvelous… a chiselled representation of many of them now represented as treasures, covered in dust in the basements of museums… but where are these gods now…?   All lost their mystique when they were no longer mysterious… it is one of the chief failures of man, to abandon what he understands, or ‘thinks’ he understands… for some other titillation coming over the horizon…

So although we may find again misplaced treasures, even marvelous mysterious treasures in some nick, or crevice… as soon as its mystery as waned, it shall return to a forgotten heap with time…

How long would the Creator remain revered, if He/Her/It was ever caught by the flashing eye of the paparazzi… wearing feathers… scraps of material… and maybe blinking neon lights at sensitive areas…?

© Ralph Boothe
August 2nd. 2021

Published by moribascorner

Within the central heart of my writing... like the rainbow... I engender to reflect the multiple colours of man's nature... from the subtle inconsequential bland... through to a harsh biting grip, that can near tear at the soul of the eyes... yet when taken as a whole... can deliver I trust... the enigmatic elements of the rainbow... that seeks to soothe... and comfort... yet still find the illusive time... to tickle the funnybone...


    1. It is a game I too love to play, and share… especially when a veneer of seriousness takes over, and life itself is found within the words… that is indeed when ‘our attention span gets shorter, and shorter,’ and we forced to ask ourselves… ‘how long?’


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